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Debutants will need to test qualifying which you may choose your own novel to translate or we could suggest one.

If you are already a translator and/or are interested in working with Whimsical Reads or Fantasy World Online, there is probably no need for you to take the test. Just drop a link to your portfolio, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Debuting editors will need to test qualifying which you will be assigned to the novels being translated on our site. We will train you after recruitment, no worries!

Translator Checkers [TLC]

These peeps help verify the authenticity of translations by comparing the RAWS with the first draft of translated chapters. Since this will not be a role that requires translation from scratch, we hope you’ll be able to smoothly cruise between novels that need your Tender Loving Care.


Do you want to host your original novel on our site? Join us on Discord! We can talk chalk out the details and you’re welcome to supplement your income with Ko-Fi or Patreon. Grouping together will help increase the exposure of your original works, and Discord would provide a great platform to interact with your readers!

To apply, join our Discord leave a word on the #new-recruits channel!

Team Whimsical Reads